Vacation Rental Management Fees

How Hocking Hills Management fees cover the essentials for hassle-free vacation rentals.

Hocking Hills management fees are tailored for each unique vacation rental property.

Every property is different and every property requires a different level of care. After learning more about your expectations and the property itself, we can share our insights on how to maximize the number of nights booked, how to maximize the nightly revenue and negotiate an appropriate management fee. In most cases property management fees range from 40-50%. On average, properties managed by Hocking Hills Management return roughly 100k or more (2 person cabins)up to 430k(24 person lodges). Join our line of properties today and immediately reap the benefits of riding on our coattail of our established clients and positioning online. Contact us to set up a conversation on what we could do for your business and how we can free up your personal time.

We also offer marketing management if you’re not looking for a full turnkey property management service.

Key takeaways

Homeowners pay a single management fee that covers HHM full-service offerings, including professional homecare, professional guest service, Hocking Hills marketing, demand-driven rates, and more.
Vacation homeowners make an average of 10-20% more when they switch to Hocking Hills Turnkey Management

What’s your management fee?

It’s one of the most important questions homeowners ask us. But to tell you the truth, our fees aren’t the same across the board—and that’s good news for you.

Tailored fees for a perfect fit

Although HHM manages homes in markets across the Hocking Hills region, local teams and vacation rental experts are the heart of our company. And a part of being a truly local, full-service vacation rental manager is creating a fee that makes sense for your market in particular.
So what are HHM fees? The best way to find out is to talk to us for both a personalized management fee proposal and an estimate of how much you could earn per year.